Environmental Engineering offices completely renovated.

Mabbett & Associates HallwayMabbett & Associates is an environmental engineering firm located in Bedford, MA.  Due to expanding needs and the purchase of a new 3,000 s.f. building, DSA was called upon to completely renovate the interior of this unassuming single story building in a large industrial park area.

The use of a curved glass block wall at the entry lobby and glass block wall shown beyond at the conference room helps to deflect outside light into the interior spaces.

Mabbett & Associates LobbyThe floor plan, one of the last to be drawn by hand at DSA, features a circulation path connecting staff offices, an open office "bullpen area", a clean room testing laboratory, reference library, lunch room, and principal office areas.  At the four corner turning points are square nodes highlighted by custom carpet designs and artwork.

View of glass block wall at Lobby